Florence County contains 2 of the original 3 state designated Wild Rivers. The 100 mile Up North Wisconsin Wild Rivers Tour provides highway signs that guide you to 15 different access points on the Pine and Popple Wild Rivers in northern Wisconsin. The term 'Wild' refers to the undeveloped shorelines along these rivers. While there are several class III rapids and 8 waterfalls ranging in size from 5 foot Bull Falls up to 60 foot, 3-tiered Breakwater Falls, there are numerous stretches suitable for beginning paddlers. There are signed portages around the challenging river stretches. The access points can be used by fishermen, hiker's, photographers, birders, and berry or mushrooms pickers.
Wild River Access Pts
a) Access #1 Pine River Crossing on Hwy 101

b) Access #2 Jennings Falls on Hwy 101/Mulberry Lane

c) Access #3 Big Bull Falls on Hwy 101/West River Rd

d) Access #4 Popple River Crossing on 101

e) Access #5 Popple River Crossing - Morgan Lake Rd

f) Access #6 Popple River Crossing - Newald Tower Rd

g) Access #7 South Branch Popple River

h) Access #8 South Branch Popple River

i) Access #9 Popple River Crossing - Twin Rivers Rd

j) Access #10 Popple River Access - FS 2161/Hwy 139

k) Access #11 Pine River Crossing - Hwy 139

l) Access #12 Pine River Chipmunk Rapids - Dream Lake Rd

m) Access #13 Pine River- Goodman Grade West

n) Access #14 Pine River Hwy 70 Goodman Grade Center

o) Access #15 Pine River- Goodman Grade East
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