UW Rural Schools Focus Group with stipend in Florence County

May 2, 2019

Ben Niehaus


May 2,2019
Dear Parents/Guardians and Florence County Residents:

Attached is information of a research project the University of Wisconsin - Madison is conducting via its newly
established Rural Education Research and Implementation Center (RERIC). I am one of several individuals
throughout rural Wisconsin who serve on their advisory board. Due to our collective progressions as a school community,
RERIC recognizes Florence County as an exemplar as a rural Wisconsin community and desires to hear
from the citizens of Florence county in their efforts to support our needs and challenges.

The RERIC does not pretend to know what the solutions are to our challenges, instead they desire to hear directly
from Florence county citizens so they can support us, and other rural communities, in our advocacy for resources
and collective solutions to benefit our rural areas. Their mission is to not only support the sustainment of our rural
communities, but to progress our rural way of life without changing our definition of a rural community.

The group has an initial focus on the mental health needs of our communities, and working to address the
challenges of supporting and growing our educational endeavors in preparing today's students for the careers of
tomorrow. There are many needed services and supports right here in Florence County; collectively we only
desire to curb the "rural flight" of our graduates and citizens from our region, and provide great career
opportunities and services for the fhture of Florence County.

The focus groups last about an hour, and there will be two different dates for those interested in meeting:
  • Friday, May 10 - a mid-morning and early-afternoon group
  • Wednesday, June 26- an early-afternoon and mid-afternoon group
For your time and input, each adult participant will receive $50, and student participants will receive $25.

If you are interested, please email Jackie Roessler at Jackie.roessler@wisc.edu or call (608) 263-4544.

Ben Niehaus
District Administrator

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