Long Lake, Fence, Fern Broadband grant testimonials needed

June 5, 2017

Wendy Gehlhoff


Florence County Economic Development (FCED) and UW-Extension are writing a Broadband Grant to expand high-speed internet to parts of Long Lake, Fence and Fern. The grant has a June 30th deadline. If you own property in these areas we would appreciate it if you would fill out the form below to explain why your current internet service is poor and how it would benefit you and your family if it was faster, more reliable and more affordable.

Mail your testimonial to your town clerk, or to FCED - Wendy Gehlhoff P.O. Box 410, Florence, WI 54121. Please make sure your friends and neighbors fill out a form too. Some folks in Fence have already completed a shorter form. This data strengthens our grant application. 

Thank you,
Wendy Gehlhoff (FCED) and Corrin Seaman (UW-Extension)

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