Is your Business suffering from Propane cost/shortage?

February 4, 2014

Wendy Gehlhoff

Dave Gribble - Florence County Emergency Management leader

Dear Florence County Business Owners: (Please forward to other businesses)

The state of WI is looking for 5 businesses per county that are suffering economic hardship from the cold weather and resulting propane shortage. If your business is suffering due to the very high propane costs and shortage of deliveries, please fill out the attached 1 page worksheet and send it to:

By mail:
Florence County Emergency Management
Attn: David Gribble
P.O. Box 678
Florence, WI 54121
By email:
Questions :
Call David Gribble 715-528-3410 or Wendy Gehlhoff 715-528-3294

Our State Representative Rob Swearingen is also gathering a list of businesses suffering financially or who have had to reduce hours or close down due to high costs and lack of propane deliveries. Please send me a short email if you are struggling due to the propane issues and what has been the result.

Thanks for your time and sorry for these difficult circumstances,

Wendy Gehlhoff - Director FCEDC
Florence County Economic Development
P.O. Box 88 - 501 Lake Ave - Courthouse
Florence, Wisconsin 54121
Office (715)528-3294 Fax (715)528-5071

Click here for 1 page worksheet to fill out »
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