High Speed Internet Ready in Fence by December

October 27, 2017

Wendy Gehlhoff

grant project

Florence County Broadband Grant Project Update:

A positive engineering study has cleared the way for new fixed wireless broadband equipment to be installed on the existing Fence tower on Memory Lane. Northwoods Connect, our state grant partner, is in the process of constructing the necessary backhaul systems to bring broadband to this tower. They are estimating that by late November the new equipment will be installed on the Fence tower. Barring any unforeseen difficulties, the new high-speed internet service will be available within 4-5 miles of the Fence tower by early December. Their packages offer a variety of speeds and range from $28.99 - $98.99 per month plus $4.99 modem rental and taxes. They offer shorter vacation packages for our seasonal residents as well. All plans come with unlimited data. A $79 installation fee is charged only after a successful installation. For more details about their plans, visit www.NorthwoodsConnect.com or call 715-544-8025. Service on the Keyes Peak tower may also be in place by the end of the year. The Long Lake tower site must first be located and then the tower constructed, so that portion of the grant project will take place in the spring.

In addition to the 2 counties, 6 towns, 2 schools and 4 organizations that donated, we must also thank the private businesses and individuals who donated to help us reach the $66,750 match portion of this grant: Dr. Peter and Beverly Hamel, Dr. Charlene Greene and Bruce Orttenburger, Pine River Lumber Company, Wild Rivers Realty, Florence Prescription Services, Richard and Joyce Wolosyn, Mary and Wade Deverney Dennis and Susan Haberland, Some Place Special, G.J. Glime Enterprises, Ronald and Ann LeFever, William and Carol Winsand, Chamfered Centre, John and Renee Robson, Christopher Karle, Tom and Rochelle Wittkopf, Douglas and Anne Dunlop, Walter and Marlene Gundrum, Tanner Atwell, Jack and Christine Klotz, Florence and Thomas Pinn, James and Rebecca Walter, Boyd and Stacy Marts, David and Stephanie Brule II, Richard and Karen Wertanen, Tom and Lois Mertes, Jim and Joan Swanson, Mary and Richard Scheffler, John and Diane Barrett, and a number of cash donations from the Long Lake and Fence area.
Wild Rivers Realty
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