Florence County Mud Run Winners

July 1, 2021

Wendy Gehlhoff

news release

There were 79 entries and over 600 hundred spectators watching the mud fly at the Florence County Mud Runs on Saturday, June 19.  Event organizers would like to thank the following prize money sponsors: Florence Hardwoods, Florence County Abstract Company, JAYCO Construction, Ray & Dione Mills, and The Tavern on Central.  This event was a organized by and a fundraiser for Keyes Peak Ski Hill Committee, Florence Volunteer Fire Department and the Blue Ox Trail Riders.  A big thank you to the following entities who also helped:  Demko Electric, Florence County Highway Department, Florence County Economic Development, Florence Utilities, Florence County Forestry & Parks, Town of Florence, Florence County Chamber of Commerce, Florence County Sheriff’s Department, Florence Rescue Squad, Town of Florence Highway Department, McLain Logging & Excavating, Tom Harrison, SIA of the Great Lakes, LLC Insurance Company and the many volunteers who helped work the event.  Race winners were:

1st Dan Kopf 78’ 4”
2nd Eric Keyzers 75’ 1”
3rd Warren Church 74’ 4”
Super stock small tire
1st Aaron Anderson 85’ 1”
2nd Eric Keyzers 80’ 3”
3rd Brett Watson 77’ 7”
Super stock big tire
1st Robert Clemo 13.569 sec. 1st through pit
2nd Aaron Anderson 77’ 4”
3rd Ray Thomas 76’ 3”
Pro Stock
1st Lisa Mattia 22.62 seconds through
2nd Jeremy Thomas 88’ 8”
3rd Josh Mills 68’ 6”
Mod class
1st Troy Sparpani 4.661 seconds
2nd Adam Thom 5.112 seconds
3rd Lisa Mattia 23.982 seconds
Pro Mod
1st Troy Spar 3.823 seconds
2nd Adam Thom 4.735 seconds
3rd Troy Sparpani 6.448 seconds

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